You've probably heard about the Equifax data breach that's making headline news. Investigators have discovered that it was preventable.

Sensitive information on 143 million people was stolen because Equifax had failed to apply a security patch that was available two months ago. Two executives have now resigned and the company is the target of law suits.

If your systems aren't patched on time, you increase your risk of being attacked.  Half of all attacks target small businesses.

How to Check if You Are Vulnerable:

A security scan of your systems can help determine your vulnerabilities (CTS contract clients have already been patched where applicable). Unfortunately, this is yet another example of why it is so important to make sure that all your software patches are up-to-date. Internet facing applications need to be under constant scrutiny for security issues & vulnerabilities.

Cardinal Technology Solutions (CTS, Inc.) ensures that all our clients IT security is managed proactively.

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