Whether your business is in need of a complete managed IT service provider, or supplementary support for internal IT staff, CTS™ provides the following IT solutions to your company network.

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System Monitoring

Our advanced server and workstation monitoring solution effectively monitors network and critical business systems 24-7-365 so you can focus on running your business.

Managed Anti-Virus

Cardinal Technology Solutions, Inc.’s managed anti-virus solution deploys, updates, and maintains your anti-virus on servers and workstations so you can concentrate on running your business.

Web Protection

We’ll keep users safe and your business protected from legal liability by securing your servers, PCs, and laptops in the field with managed web protection.

Onsite / Offsite Backup

CTS™ takes the complexity out of backups and changes recovery from an exhausting challenge to a simple reality. Meeting the needs of clients, CTS is the choice for anyone looking to relax and rewind.

Help Desk Support

Contact our Help Desk for support: or call (540)-431-4161

Voip Telephones

Voice over IP or VoIP is a technology designed to transmit voice data over your high-speed Internet connection. VoIP is natively cost-cutting and offers services that traditional phone systems can’t offer.

Cyber Security

We perform all assessments against the ISO27001 framework. While most organizations use ISO as a security measuring tool, the true intent of these standards are intended to be a purposeful selection and customized listing of security controls for your company. We can help you align with and even certify to ISO27001.

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