The True Cost of IT

Use this valuable resource from Cardinal Technology Solutions, to find out what you are really paying in support costs each year. This "IT Cost Analysis" worksheet will help you understand the real cost of paying employees to put out fires, how inefficient IT systems affect your bottom line. And what it is really costing you when your employees are stuck on vendor-support calls when things go wrong. If you don't like what you see, call us to find out how we can significantly lower your overall cost per year - while increasing your productivity.

organizational Info

Use the top of the spreadsheet to type in your company's revenue, number of employees; and average hourly rate for payroll.

Productivity and it cost

Estimate the number of hours you are down per year. Next, estimate the number of minutes you lose each day, because of system malfunctions and/or slow systems that impact your company's productivity and customer relations, etc. If you have outsourced (contracted) IT support, plug in the total cost per year for their services.

Vendor and it management

Type in the average hours your employees spend on vendor-related support calls (e.g. QuickBooks support). If you have IT staff, plug in the hours they spend on support calls. Lastly, include the average number for the hourly rate you pay all these employees, to see what it is really costing you for them to be doing this, instead of their daily job duties.