Cyber attacks can be catastrophic for businesses of any size. And while there’s no denying that businesses are too often the victims of cyber attacks, it is also true that the majority of such attacks can be prevented. In fact, according to an IBM study published in 2022, 95% of cyber security breaches are caused by human error.

Ninety-five percent.

At first thought, this statistic might seem defeating, but it really should encourage business owners. If 95% of cyber breaches are caused by human error, that means the majority of them can be prevented. In this blog post, we’re diving into one of the most effective ways of preventing and therefore reducing cyber attacks at work: cyber training.

Human Error and Cyber Breaches

Cyber breaches may not be anything new, but that doesn’t make them easy to avoid. Just last month, the IRS was breached due to human error. As a result, nearly 120,000 taxpayers’ contact and financial information was accidentally published on their website. In this scenario, we’re talking about the sixth largest law enforcement agency in the US. If companies this big are susceptible to cyber breaches, all businesses are.

Unfortunately, stories like these aren’t uncommon. We could write a whole blog post on small and big businesses that have dealt with major data breaches caused by human error. But we won’t spend more time highlighting those, because this isn’t meant to scare you. The purpose of this article is to bring to light the importance of cyber training, especially for small businesses. Don’t wait until something has gone wrong to implement cyber training for employees. Preventative measures can save business owners a lot of headache, money, and stress down the road.

Prevent Common Cyber Mistakes with Cyber Training

Everyone makes mistakes. Some mistakes are more costly than others, but many of them can be prevented. Common cyber mistakes include password management, lack of awareness, and lack of education. Regular cyber training is one of the best ways to keep best practices in the forefront of employees’ minds and keep them updated with new information.

At Cardinal Technology Solutions, cyber training includes education on cyber security practices, password management, internet use, phishing, and more. We can also tailor the training topics to whatever is most relevant for your company.

Is Cyber Training Just Another Expense?

While cyber training is another expense, it is most importantly a worthwhile investment for literally every business. Cyber mistakes can be costly. Not to mention, in 2018, the average cost of a cyber attack on small businesses was $120,000. Being a victim of a cyber attack is much more costly than cyber training for employees. Cyber training can prevent both human-related cyber breaches and malicious cyber attacks.

Cyber Training for Businesses in Winchester, Virginia

Companies don’t need to feel unequipped to deal with cyber-related tasks, and employees don’t need to live in fear of cyber threats. Company-wide cyber training is one of the best ways to educate your team on the realities of cyber crime, as well as practical tips and tools for avoiding it. When employees understand how they can protect both personal and company data from hackers, business owners can have more peace of mind knowing that their team is prepared to implement smart cyber practices.

If you’d like to learn more about our cyber training solutions, or if you’re ready to schedule a training session for your workplace, contact us today.